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Do you send emojis on WhatsApp? It could become a binding contract :-(


In our current era, where most business communications are woven through unofficial messages via various communication means like emails, WhatsApp, etc. - these modes of communication can legally bind us.

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Don’t Start Negotiating before You Read This!


In a negotiation, would you rather: 1. Wait to get an offer from your counterpart? Or 2. Be the first to make an offer? Read here the surprising answer…

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Mistakes Freelancers and Their Clients Make and How to Avoid Them


It's important to protect yourself legally and avoid common mistakes that could cost you time, money, and clients. Here's what to know and how to avoid these critical mistakes.

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Naming Matters: How to Research Product Names and Avoid Disputes


Choosing the right name for your business is critical to its success and avoiding trademark disputes. Learn how to research and select a strong, conflict-free trademark that protects your brand.

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How Can You Make Better Deals than Elon Musk?


Is there any lesson for a small business owner to take away from the clash of billionaires we witnessed surrounding the Twitter-Musk deal?

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For a Limited Time Only!


How to improve your deals using expiration dates in the offers

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What Turns Contacts Into Contracts


What Turns Contacts Into Contracts? Here is what I have learned that can be an absolute game-changer for your business!

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Here’s What No One Tells You About Service Providers


The world is transitioning more and more towards gig economy. Read more to learn how to easily set the right framing and expectations with your service providers

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14 Questions you Need to Ask your Co-Founder to Establish a Successful Partnership


Questions you need to ask your co-founder for you two to establish a successful partnership!

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“I Feel Like 20% of my Company was Taken from Me”


If you have ever thought of reimbursing a service provider by giving them a slice of your business instead of paying them, you should read this…

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Someone Stole my Business Idea!


How can you protect your business idea from being stolen? The answer is right here inside…

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What if your Co-founder Leaves?


What happens when your co-founder decides to leave? If you set vesting, it can truly save your business. Continue reading to make sure you are covered…

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How a Round Table can Lead to Less Disputes


Allow me to share a couple of the preliminary steps I take before even getting into the deal at hand, which always work wonders for me…

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What kind of an entrepreneur are you?


Do you consider yourself an active or a passive entrepreneur? The answer may surprise you and help you be more aware and active in your entrepreneurship…

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How to Get the Law on your Side. Your GOOD Side :)


How to start getting the law on your side? I’m Clawdia and my blog is all about helping entrepreneurs with their legal issues by providing unique tips and tools.

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