Our Story

Clawdia is a legaltech startup that aims to empower entrepreneurs. We focus on helping SMBs in the US to safely manage their legal environment with our automated tools.

Our Vision

Our vision is to empower entrepreneurs by simplifying the legal environment and providing them with accessible legal tools, so they can gain a deep understanding and awareness of their legal and business environment, develop the confidence to make smart legal decisions, grow their business safely, and focus 100% of their efforts on success, rather than worrying about their legal environment.

Our Team
Vardit Legali
Chief Executive Officer
Vardit has been a lawyer for the last 10 years, working very closely with startups and SMBs. She also managed her own law firm for 4 years prior to founding Clawdia.
Shimon Magal
Chief Technology Officer
Shimon is an experienced software developer and architect with more than 10 years of experience.
Rick Colosimo
Legal Product Architect
Rick is a Cornell Law grad with 25 years of corporate and startup law experience in Silicon Valley and NYC. He believes clear contracts make everyone better off.
Philip Brodovsky
Full Stack Engineer
Philip is passionate full stack developer with proficiency in web design and loves making a smooth user experience.
Chippo has 9 years of experience in making everybody around him happy.
Chief Happiness Officer
Chippo has 9 years of experience in making everybody around him happy.

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